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iJukebox has a fully-documented API that allows brands and partners to seamlessly and easily integrate interactive music into their current offerings.

Through the API, interactive music can be leveraged in ways that are most advantageous to your business. iJukebox  provides the flexibility to allow your creativity

in developing a fully-customizable interactive music service.  Partners may also white-label iJukebox to truly enable your brand to offer its own music service.

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Offering fun, interactive in-venue experiences

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What is iJukebox?

Of all media, music inspires the most passionate and dedicated response.  iJukebox seeks to connect brands and customers by leveraging that passion and allowing brands to exhibit their culture and personality in a way that customers can easily bond with.  iJukebox looks to bring background music to the foreground, and give customers a way to express themselves in public venues.

Why iJukebox?

For Brands




iJukebox provides the most corporate-level control of any background music service on the market.

     •  Operators are able to strictly limit content available to play by selecting  the playlists they want and removing any songs they deem inappropriate.

     •  Music can be day-parted to automatically play different playlists, genres or tempos at different times of the day or days of the week.

     •  Through iJukebox’ multi-tiered dashboard, corporations can adjust the flexibility level that managers of any individual site are given in deciding what content to play.




Engage and entertain customers by allowing them to influence the music that plays in your business.  Whether voting songs up and down the queue or requesting from one of iJukebox’ curated playlists, customers will stay in-venue longer




Leverage interactive music to gain subscribers to your loyalty program and build a closer connection between your customers and your brand.  Requests can be used as targeted loyalty rewards that can be easily tied into other promotions or sales.


Social Media & Marketing


Ask someone what their favorite song is and you are in for a passionate response.  Your customers want to talk about their musical taste, and iJukebox provides you with the platform to make those conversations social. Allow your customers to share requests with their friends and get them talking about your brand when discussing their favorite music.


For Partners


iJukebox partners with technology developers for the hospitality and retail industries who are looking to add value to their product or service, differentiate themselves from competitors and develop new revenue streams.  These include, but are not limited, to providers of tabletop devices, in-venue entertainment, digital signage, POS systems and loyalty/brand apps.


Increased Usage


Add an additional utility to your current services that will increase usage and provide another reason for customers to use your technology longer. Interactive music will cause customers to have a more habitual relationship with your service.


Marketing and Loyalty


Provide an additional platform for your clients to connect with their customers through social media and loyalty programs. Social media posts can also be tailored to help acquire new users and to grow your social following.




Further monetize your current client relationships by adding an additional revenue stream to your suite of services. With numerous monetization strategies available, iJukebox can put together a solution specifically tailored to your business.


Consumer Insight


Musical preference is a key piece of information in determining demographic behavior. iJukebox provides key data on customers’ usage that can be utilized to formulate a good idea of who your users are and, more importantly, who your clients’ customers are.

A premier interactive music platform that combines licensing, content and a powerful API

Put customers in control of their experiences with their favorite brands


Boston-based DisruptiveApps creates high quality, innovative, and fun to use technologies that put customers in control of their experiences with their favorite brands.  The company’s interactive technology provides brands with memorable ways to connect with and cater to their customers and their personal passions.  iJukebox is the company’s first product.

It was launched in April 2012.


DisruptiveApps was founded by Chip Selley and is run by a team of music lovers who want to revolutionize the commercial music space by making it easier for third parties to create legal, innovative and profitable customized entertainment-based experiences that deepen the relationship between brands and their customers.


iJukebox is funded by private angel investors from Boston, New York City and Washington DC.  They enjoy music ranging from Akon to ZZ Top, although the song Billionaire by Travie McCoy is a common favorite.




Providing music licensing and a custom API to stream music to your customers





Chip Selley

Founder & CEO

Dennis Rivera

Co-Founder, V.P. , Operations, Finance and Corporate Strategy

Chip was inspired to create iJukebox while sitting in a restaurant wishing for a remote control to the music that was playing overhead. His successful career bringing together strategic alliances in enterprise software sales, as well as his study and appreciation of the marketing lessons of the Grateful Dead, have prepared him well for leading the charge in creating this disruptive music service. Chip has a BS from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Dennis has contributed to the success of technology start-ups on three continents in finance, strategy and engineering capacities. His appreciation of 70′s funk is surpassed only by his desire for more bacon. Dennis has a BS from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and MBA from MIT Sloan.

More than 22 million tracks and 100's of genres, fully licensed and at your fingertips

iJukebox Music Catalog



Cindy Charles

Cindy is well connected within the music label space and is tapping into her decade plus of experience with record labels and publishing deals to assist DisruptiveApps with expansion of the library of licensed content. Her experience includes SVP and General Counsel of MediaNet Digital, VP of Law and Business Affairs for MTV and General Counsel for WarnerVision Entertainment.

Drew Hannah

Drew is a serial CEO and Director who works with leadership teams as an advisor and growth catalyst to achieve breakthrough results, having led the growth-to-liquidity cycle in a variety of venture-backed companies. As a performing musician, Drew observes that effective group dynamics in a band can serve as a model for leadership in emerging tech companies. He earned a BS from Carnegie Mellon and an MBA from Kellogg at Northwestern.

Alan McGlade

Alan is a serial entrepreneur who builds businesses that take advantage of disruptive industry trends, focusing in particular on the intersection of media and entertainment with new technologies. He has been the President and CEO of MediaNet, CEO of The Box Music Television, President of StarNet and Founder and President of Adlink.

Brian Hirsh

Brian has been putting brands and bands together for over a decade. As a business strategist, content and media relations executive he has developed marketing solutions for some of the world’s leading brands. In his past life he was SVP, Creative Services at PlayNetwork and founder and President of Retail Entertainment Design in Seattle. He now heads up Echo Creative Group, a cloud-based creative agency.

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